Hello friends, 

this is Rafa Ferrà, an artist born and raised in Mallorca, a little but fantastic island from Spain, Europe, the 2010 world soccer championship winner. I'm a regular singer songwriter from the 1973 generation, self-produced and self-commanded... I've been trying not to fall into the music industry since I was fifteen. Recorded some albums with different bands 'till I reach my own label and personality (well... always in process...). Played for several years in Madrid, where I lived, and other venues, of course in Mallorca, but also other places in Spain, Chicago and Prague, and hope more to come. Today I'm proud to tell that my music is reaching slowly more people, events and companies. It opens radio shows in Spain, it figures in certain McDonald's promoting videos, it has been selected for some movies as well, and the employers from the company I work for call me to tell me my CD is in their car because of their children insistence. I've got to thank Mr David Hines, the greatest american guitar teacher I could have had when I was younger and lived in MASS, who teached me to love music, as well as my parents. Enjoy the website, join facebook and listen to my music if you like.

Check my Instagram as well @rafa_ferra for some more music!